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We believe every dog can be taught to be a good citizen.  There are no “bad” or “stubborn” dogs, only dogs who have had the misfortune of a bad experience or who do not understand what their owner is trying to teach them.


We work with owners to learn how to instill confidence and trust in their companions.  We do this using positive reinforcement training theory.  We recognize every dog is an individual and we do not use “cookie cutter” techniques, but use techniques that will be most effective for the dog in front of us.  We encourage enrichment activities that include play and games.  Basic training and socialization are a primary focus, but we are also able to coach dog/handler teams for competition sport in obedience, rally, and K9 Nosework®️.  As CGC, STAR, and Tricks evaluators, we can help you achieve these goals with your dog.


Group classes are offered, but private training can be arranged with any of our instructors.

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